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The Best Cupcake Wrappers by Simply Wrappers
We manufacture the best quality wrappers you can find in the USA.  Others may be bigger, but you will find that our quality can't be beat.  We use quality paper and many or our designs are custom made to follow the contour of the wrapper so it looks good all the way around.  Others use designs that look good on flat paper but don't quite look right once they are cut and assembled.  Our wrappers are cut one sheet at a time with our custom steel die.  We feature the best designs in cupcake wrappers for all events such as weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, dinner parties, Christmas events, New Years Eve parties,  Graduation, and corporate and special events. We have a passion for offering the BEST wrappers in the business. 

You can expect:
  • Speedy shipping of your product.
  • Order confirmations and tracking number.

             Wedding cupcake wrappers and birthday cupcake wrappers                         holiday thanksgiving fall cupcake wrwappers

Buy Today, See the Difference
Simply Wrappers is best in the industry. We buy our competitors cupcake wrappers on occasion so we can compare.  Our unique tab and slot system locks in place and keeps the wrapper together and does not slip.  Others have scallops; we created our own unique edge design that make them more sophisticated and high end.  Check out our store and find out why our designer cupcake wrappers, and adjustable cupcake wrappers, are the best! We offer great designs and cool papers, like polka dots, glitter cupcake wrappers, holiday cupcake wrappers, and nice texture solid color wrappers.  Our wrappers work great when used with cupcake stands, trees, and other accessories. Simply Wrapper wrappers will make your designer dessert table the talk of the town!

We have:
  • Hundreds of designs, colors and themes of cupcake wrappers to coordinate with any event!
  • Standard and Original designs to coordinate with all occasions.
  • Mix and match our designs to complement each other

Go ahead - deny that cupcake decorations affair you've been hiding for years. Go ahead and try. But sooner or later, our cupcake supplies are going to find you. At that point, it’s simply futile to try and resist. Embrace your obsession and try these ever-so-trendy color-combination cupcake decorating ideas:

      Aqua Blue Chevron Cupcake Wrapper Coral Chevron Cupake Wrapper          Gray Polka Dot Cupcake Wrapper Yellow Polkadot cupcake wrapper
                                  aqua & coral                                                                 silver & yellow                               

Let our passion for decorating cupcakes inspire you to experiment with your crazy baking side: you just don't know what cupcake ideas you'll unleash!

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